VOTD: Mad Max Helping Blow ISIS to Smithereens:


Barack Obama, in keeping with his pledge to keep U. S. military forces out of the fight with ISIS, has been sending special forces into the Middle East as fast as he can. I know that sentence doesn’t make any sense, but what about the Obama regime does?

An interesting development in the Middle East is that ISIS is either running out of suicide bombers or the pedophile prophet is running out of virgins. Taking a cue from Google, ISIS has been working on developing technology for driverless vehicles. That way they can send an explosive laden vehicle into a target area without having to count on the faithfulness of a Moslem driver desperate to get laid.

ISIS is apparently taking their cue from decadent Western movies like Mad Max. Word has it that they’re building cars that look something like this:

28 Javelin 3

The U. S., in addition to deploying special forces is also deploying some fun equipment, like to Javelin missile. The Javelin is an antitank missile that’s designed to be an “shoot and scoot” shoulder fired weapon. That means a Javelin team can fire the missile and move immediately because the missile isn’t wire guided.

It’s very accurate, and according to my Marine Corps veteran son, really fun to shoot. What’s not fun is being on the receiving end.

Here’s what happens at the receiving end.


Scratch one car bomb.

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