Lookout! Hillary Pulls a Bernie and Rides the NYC Subway!

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All that “normal” looking stuff that Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders is doing must be making Hillary Clinton feel uncomfortable? Why? Because she ACTUALLY got on the NYC subway…that’s why?

Want to guess how many stops she lasted? How about, how many times it took for her Metra card to work?

You know when you’re an everyday New Yorker and you’re trying to ride the subway and it takes like four or five swipes to get your damn MetroCard to work? So irritating!

You know who knows all about that? Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former senator from New York, who represents the people and can totally relate to their everyday lives. And she’ll prove it by piling onto the 4 train with all her security guards, riding for exactly one stop and then getting back off.

The internet got a kick out of the fact that it took her five swipes with a MetroCard to clear the turnstile — though many seasoned New Yorkers pointed out that everyone struggles with their MetroCard at some point.

Don’t you love elections? It’s when the mega-rich try to act like the rest of us…”normal”.

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