Killing Straight-A Student Not Considered “Violent Crime” by Obama Admin

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This is another episode in the continuing story of, “Donald Trump Is Right About Illegal Immigrants.” And Barack Obama is wrong.

Today’s story comes from America’s heartland, Nebraska. Sarah Root was a 21-year-old college graduate who earn straight A’s at Bellevue University. Her graduation was the day before her death.

Here’s the local news report:

The driver of the car that killed her, 19-year-old Edwin Mejia, was street racing, driving on a suspended license, and had a blood-alcohol content four times the legal limit in Nebraska.

Ms. Root’s car was stopped, and Mejia hit her from behind at high speed.

Please note that the local newscasters only refer to Mejia as a “teenager.”

They didn’t bother to tell you that Mejia was also an illegal alien. He was arrested for vehicle homicide, and managed to post $5,000 bail so he could be released. You’ll be surprised to find out that he didn’t show up for his twice-daily urine tests.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Because he was an illegal alien he could have been held on an ICE detainer but he wasn’t because the Department of ICE, the Obama administration charged with making sure people immigrate into this country legally decided that Mejia’s offense “did not constitute a crime of violence.”

Unfortunately the idiot who made that statement probably won’t be forced to repeat it face to face with this young woman’s parents.

Nebraska’s Republican Sen. Ben Sasse has apparently written a letter to ICE director Sarah Saldana and said her response was exactly what you would expect from an Obama administration official, “bureaucratic nonsense.”


This is a typical anti-American Obama appointee, this Saldana . Listen to her:

“We tried to act,” Saldana told Sasse at one point. “But I believe there was a matter of hours between the time that we were contacted and the actual release.”

“It is very hard for us to get to every inquiry that is made by law enforcement,” she added.

Saldana said later in her testimony that ICE field officers can use prosecutorial discretion to detain illegal aliens if they believe that the person “presents a public safety threat.”

“In this case Sarah Root is dead,” Sasse pointed out. “What if someone kills a U.S. citizen? That doesn’t meet the threshold?”

Saldana responded with a confusing if not inaccurate answer.

“That was after the fact, sir,” she said.

“I understand that that person was injured and had not, when that four hour period of time, seriously injured, but had not passed away until later.”

Unfortunately she can’t be charged in the death of this young woman either. Mejia came into the U. S. illegally at the age of 16. The Obama administration designated him as an “unaccompanied child” and moved him in with his brother in Omaha.

The administration hasn’t been forthcoming about whether Mejia’s brother is an illegal alien as well.

Bottom line? Donald Trump was absolutely right when he said this:

Chalk another one up for “Obama’s Dreamers.”

Build the wall.

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