ISIS Officially Targeting These Innocent Children [**NSFW VIDEO]

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Not that “the world” cares.  ISIS are butchers, not because they’re “radical Muslims” but because they’re Muslims.  ISIS is who Muslims really are.

In the latest demonstration of just who ISIS – and Muslims – really are a report is coming out of Turkey noting that the Muslim butchers are developing plans to carry out terror attacks targeting Jewish children.

156-0331 ISIS

According to a Sky News report, six terrorists who were arrested in Turkey gave up information about an “imminent” attack. It wasn’t reported whether the Turkish government used “harsh” interrogation methods.

Report indicates that kindergartens, schools, and youth centers are the point of the attacks. Intelligence sources reported that this was not just a credible threat, it is an active plot.

Muslim terrorists have been ramping up attacks in Turkey recently. A suicide bomber murdered for foreign tourists in a shopping area in Istanbul this month.

Security measures had been increased around Jewish synagogues, schools, and youth centers. Unfortunately, for Turkish Jews the security is being provided by the Turkish government and not the Israeli Defense Force.

We will be watching the story as it unfolds.


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