ISIS Horror: They Raped Every Last Girl Over 8 in the Community!

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British Conservative MP Fiona Bruce shared testimony from a 16-year-old Yazidi girl who revealed that ISIS fighters raped every last girl older than age 8 in her community.

So many ISIS men repeatedly raped one 9-year-old child that she died from her injuries.

Important to note that 4 months ago, Obama told us that “We have contained ISIS

So many ISIS men repeatedly raped one 9 year old child that she died from her injuries.

THAT was obviously a lie!

The same girl also stated that she witnessed her own father and brother killed in front of her when ISIS attacked her community.

The girl’s testimony to  Parliament resulted in an unanimous vote to declare ISIS’ treatment of Christians and Yazidis a genocide.

Parliament also unanimously decided to refer the ISIS issue to the United Nations Security Council.

“She spoke of witnessing her friends being raped and hearing their screams, of seeing a girl aged 9 being raped by so many men that she died,”  MP Fiona Bruce explained, according to The Guardian.

There has been a constant stream of horror stories including rape and murder ever since ISIS began capturing territory across Iraq and Syria in 2014.


Countless girls, many as young as 8 and 9, are being subjected by ISIS to extreme forms of abuse often resulting in death.

Countless girls, many as young as 8- and 9, are being subjected by ISIS to extreme forms of abuse often resulting in death.

The Quilliam Foundation reported in March that young children are being raped by ISIS in “packed halls full of victims”.

“Several women reported that, while in captivity, young women and girls were taken and raped on a daily basis by ISIS fighters. An elderly woman reported that the young women would come back after some hours or days in a ‘miserable condition,” the report explained of ISIS’ practices.

Conservative MP Derek Thomas added during the testimony:

“The British people are horrified by what they hear and see regarding the treatment of these minority groups in Syria and in Iraq, and they rightly expect that this House will use whatever tools are available to us to work to bring this to an end and achieve peace in this troubled part of the world,”

oung children are being raped by ISIS in "packed halls full of victims".

Also note that Obama is tweaking his strategy against the ISIS, announcing this week that we’re sending 250 special-ops troops to Syria to help the 50 already there to advise, assist and assemble forces fighting the Islamic State.

Yeah, that would be an overwhelming show of force against ISIS! INSANE!

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