Hillary: An “Unborn Person” Does Not Have Constitutional Rights


Hillary Clinton is all about protecting the signature issue of Democrats, the continued slaughter of the unborn.

Here she is on “Meet the Press” (or is that Press the Meat?) talking about butchering babies for body parts.  Unfortunately, Chuck Todd didn’t follow up after she insisted that the unborn do not have constitutional rights.  And she said it in a very unusual way.

Here’s the money quote from the interview:


“… an unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Note that she didn’t use the medical term “fetus” that the people who run the murder mill known as “Planned Parenthood” prefer.  Hillary, who is usually very careful with her words, actually said “unborn person.”  She recognized the fact that what Planned Murderhood is doing is killing a person, not just “removing a blob of cells.”  It’s a person.  An unborn baby.  Somebody’s little boy or little girl.

16-0304 Unborn Person

That is a 3D ultrasound of a 20 week old baby in the womb.  Looks like he is smiling.  Dustin, you’re already a cute little kiddo.  I know your parents were excited to see that smile.

Planned Murderhood and the Democratic Party is fighting tooth and nail to make sure that Dustin and millions of babies just like him can be cut to pieces and sold off for body parts.  Planned Murderhood is one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors, and those donations are drenched in blood.  The blood of the most innocent in our society.

Shame on Chuck Todd, a Democratic operative with a byline, for not following up on Hillary’s answer.  Here are some questions for you Chuck, should you come face-to-face with Hillary again.

  1. Mrs. Clinton, do you support abortion at 20 weeks?
    1. If “YES” then show that picture of Dustin and ask, Why doesn’t he have a right to life a full life.  After all, he IS a “person,” and you just admitted that.
      1. After that answer ask, How about partial birth abortion of a full term baby?
    2. If “NO” then ask, what is the cut off?  19 weeks?  18?
  2. Since you admit that we’re talking about an “unborn person,” would you support legislation protecting the lives of those persons?

I think you get the idea.  The press is perfectly willing to grill Republicans about removing people who have no legal right to be here, but won’t raise a peep when Democrats want to murder our most helpless.


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