Hillary Clinton Proud to Have the Violent Criminal Vote

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Hillary Clinton is just giddy about action taken by Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe. Last week he restored the voting rights of over 200,000 felons in Virginia. Needless to say they will be voting Democratic.

Democrats call this kind of action “breaking down voting barriers.” They say the same thing about allowing illegal aliens to vote.

McAuliffe has been in the pocket of the Clintons for decades. He was the co-chair of Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign, and was the Chairman for Hillary’s 2008 campaign.

He may not have millions of dollars to dump into the Clinton Foundation but he’s hoping that 200,000 voters in a swing state like Virginia will give him an edge when Hillary chooses her running mate.

Hillary may also be hoping that McAuliffe’s action will allow her to vote if she’s convicted in the negligent handling of her classified emails.

As one consistent thing about the Clintons, you always know they can be bought. The only question is at what price.

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