Hillary: If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Get Some Criminals To…

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It used to be if you were a convicted felon you lost a few privileges, including the right to vote. It seems Democrats and Hillary are so desperate they are willing to do ANYTHING to get the votes they need to win. But just how far will they go this election cycle?

First, in 2008 the Democrats had control of House, Senate and White House – a lot of good that did us. Then in 2010, they lost the House and in 2012, they lost a lot of Senate seats. Then in 2014, Democrats lost control of the Senate – a lot of good that did us, right? Republicans are frustrated and we have every right to be, because it seems that even if we win, we still lose.


It’s obvious that the American people have been disillusioned with the changes promised by the Democrats in 2008 and have been steadily giving control of the nation back to the Republicans. In response, liberal Democrats are taking bold and sometimes illegal moves to allow hundreds of thousands, even millions of people who have no right to vote, to vote.

States like California and Oregon have taken steps to open the door to allow illegal aliens to vote. In Oregon, everyone is automatically registered to vote when they obtain or renew a driver’s license. They also allow illegals to obtain a driver’s license and if the illegal lies about the citizenship at that time, they are automatically registered to vote. California has a similar system.

Now Virginia’s liberal Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe just signed a law allowing convicted felons to vote. McAuliffe justified the move, saying:

“With this action, we will send a message to these 206,000 individuals and to the world that Virginia will no longer build barriers to the ballot box, we will break them down.”

People who are convicted of felonies but are on parole can or cannot vote depending on where they live, since rules on felon voting differ by state. The Sentencing Project has a handy primer on the differences. In 12 states, those convicted of a felony cannot vote even after having repaid their debt to society — sometimes for certain periods of time, sometimes only for certain felonies.

Wake up People! This is really about how far Hillary and the liberal Democrats are willing to go to beat the Republicans. They must know that after 8 years of Obama destroying our country, 2016 is going to be an uphill battle. This just shows Americans, what we already knew…that Hillary is willing to go to ANY lengths to win! Gov.  Terry McAuliffe, if this was such a good idea, why did you circumvent the legislature? Looks like Gov. McAuliffe wants a job in Hillary’s cabinet. Let’s hope Clinton gets prosecuted for her emails in time.



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