Guessing the GOP Establishment Doesn’t Want You to See This

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The Republican Establishment is in complete disarray. The poor darlings just don’t know what’s hitting them. After all, they had their hero, Jeb! Bush in the race with $100 million to play with and he got blown out, ignored, and laughed at.

The Establishment thought for sure that Donald Trump was just a joke that was going to go away last summer. Oops. They’re now down to trying to figure out some way to rig the convention to stop him from becoming the nominee. The most bitter pill for the Establishment to swallow has to be that their choice to stop Trump is down to Ted Cruz.

It would appear that the Establishment is faced with the possibility of going into the November election with one of the two people they hate more than Hillary Clinton. Actually, I don’t think they hate Clinton at all. She’s one of the club.

Their hopes were being buoyed by Cruz’ performance in a series of caucuses and behind-the-scenes working delegates to the national convention. And then came New York.

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Next up, is Pennsylvania. Another delegate rich state. The #NeverTrump crowd is going to be in mourning after the Pennsylvania ballots are counted. Latest polling shows Trump almost 20 points ahead of his closest competitor, the Republican Establishment’s Boy on a White Horse, John Kasich. Or should that be joke Kasich?

There’s not enough difference between Kasich and Clinton on key issues like immigration and healthcare to matter. Clinton is either Kasich-in-drag or vice versa.

Trump is picking up support in Pennsylvania and he could break the 50% mark by election day.

The real problem for the Establishment is that if Trump wins big in Pennsylvania, that will give him momentum, and then he will likely clean house in California; he may well be over-the-top for the delegates needed to secure the nomination on the 1st ballot.

Then all hell will break loose.

It’s going to be a fun summer.

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