George Clooney Goes “Full Retard” on Trump


Now we understand that Clooney is a far left nutcase even in Hollywood. He did start off his rent with a nugget of truth, “We go a little crazy in the political season…” Although in George’s case he’s a little crazy all the time.

George has problems with Donald, and the vast majority of the American people, wanting to build the wall on the southern border and enforce our immigration laws. George also has a problem with the idea that Barack Obama and Paul Ryan shouldn’t be able to allow Muslim terrorists masquerading as “Syrian refugees” free access to the U. S.

George Clooney, and that would be the same George Clooney who promised he would leave America if George Bush was reelected, called Donald Trump a “xenophobic racist” last month.


Again, George is at odds the vast majority of the American people who don’t want the “refugees,” who can’t be vetted, and who are from the same seed as the terrorists who have made Sweden the rape capital of the world.

George, being a Hollywood socialist, has no problem supporting Hillary Clinton even though Clinton is a proven liar and who had no problem putting U. S. national security at risk by installing an unsecured email server in her bathroom while she was Secretary of State.

I find it amazing that Clooney can have issues with Donald Trump and be willing to accept Hillary Clinton, who happens to be the true fascist in this race. Clinton has spent the better part of the last two years and almost $1 million of her own money – collected from speaking fees from Wall Street – buying off Democratic “Super Delegates” to shut Bernie Sanders out of the primary process, no matter how many votes he gets.

Clooney is all about being inclusive and protecting “women’s rights” – among other “rights” that the far left holds dear – and yet he doesn’t have a word to say about Hillary defending her misogynistic, rapist husband who has been groping and raping his way across the American landscape for the last 35 years. That we know of.

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Of course Clooney has double standards. He’s a Democrat. If Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any at all.

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