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“Flamboyant” Son of Magic Johnson Gets Reality Show


Ervin “EJ” Johnson, son of famous ex-NBA all-star Magic Johnson has landed his very own reality TV Show, after several appearances on something called “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” where his “flamboyant” outfits and style made him one of the most popular characters.

E! Entertainment said a new six-part series, EJ and the City featuring EJ Johnson will premiere at 11 PM Sunday, June 19, after the Season 4 finale of  RichKids – then land into a regular time slot Thursdays at 9 PM beginning June 23.


A few years back in 2013 Magic and Cookie Johnson’s then 20-year-old son, EJ, caused a bit of a stir when TMZ videotaped him walking down Sunset Boulevard holding hands with a male friend.

So Cookie and Magic had to go on Oprah and tell how they learned their son was gay and why their love is unconditional. Oprah was pretty direct: “I read a story where you went to him and said, ‘Are you gay?’ – Is that true?”…

Wow Oprah – how about a little decorum?


3 Johnsons? I find that hard to swallow..

However, mom said her and Magic (real name “Ervin”) have known since EJ was 3 or 4 years old, when he started wearing dresses and dancing around. “So you kind of know something, but you think they’re going to grow out of it,” said Cookie.

Oh, he grew out of it all right, ballooning up to over 300 pounds – but in addition to having a famous dad, EJ is also famous for losing about 180 of those pounds! wow!

EJ underwent gastric sleeve surgery. He’s also been working out 3-4 times a week and has completely changed his diet. Johnson said it was time for a change. “I haven’t been weighed in a while but it’s definitely over 100 pounds at this point,” said Johnson.


The weight loss will be part of this season’s story line… He’s the one on the right if you haven’t guessed yet.

Magic indeed.

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