Should a Female Cadet Be Allowed to Wear a Hijab?

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The Citidel is a public, military university.  It has a long history of producing cadet leaders and for excellence in academics.  Here’s what the Corps of Cadets looks like.


The Citadel, as you can easily tell, isn’t UC Berkeley.  Among other things they have a strict uniform code.  It is a military school after all.

That may all come to a crashing end, thanks to a female cadet who has infiltrated the academy from the Religion of Peace.

The woman in question is requesting an exemption so that she can wear a hijab.  This would be the first exception to the uniform code since the founding of the Citadel.

This has lit up social media with students, alumni, and friends of the Citadel solidly opposed to the exception.  You can guess who is in favor of the exception.

One cadet put up a long post on Facebook, here’s an excerpt that sums up the situation.

If I valued liberal ideology, I would go to UC Berkeley. I’d wear, say, and do whatever I wanted and it wouldn’t cost the university any time or money for me to do so. If I valued conservative ideology and wanted to challenge myself in a military environment, I would go to the Citadel. It’s no secret that you can’t wear what you want when you’re at the Citadel. You’re punished even for wearing what you want when you’re not on campus. But, those who come here are signing up for that, no matter how much they hate it (we do). So it’s not unfair to those people who want to join an organization with the intentions of excluding themselves from the regulations, it’s unfair to those who practice within the realms of those regulations. It’s unfair to the school having to change rules and adjust to the individual, when the individual could’ve gone to USC without incident. Your expression of self shouldn’t place a burden of cost on others.

He goes on to welcome the cadet into the Corps of Cadets.

This girl should be welcomed to the Corps with open arms, as should any person of any religion, race, gender, or identity. That’s equality. It’s not equality to let one of those groups follow a different set of rules

The big question is, how long until the Obama administration weighs in on behalf of the exception?  The Department of Education has almost unlimited power to inflict legal harm on any university if they don’t like their policies and you can bet they won’t like this one.

I’m guessing that this particular cadet could care less about the Citadel, it’s history, or military service.  I’d bet that she was sent there by her imam to do just exactly what she’s doing.

Next up, United States Marine Corps?

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