Is the FBI Using “Guccifer” to Finally Take Hillary Down?

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Guccifer, whose real name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, is a Romanian hacker who the FBI has extradited from a prison cell in Romania to Virginia. Why would the FBI be interested in a Romanian hacker? Well, for starters Guccifer told a reporter in a 2015 prison interview that “I used to read [Clinton’s] memos for six or seven hours…and then do the gardening.”

Guccifer was not some fancy cyber genius working for the Russians or Chinese. According to reports he has no special programming skills and just guessed passwords of prominent figures after reading their biographies.


So if a hacker is pretty good at guesswork could crack Clinton’s emails, just think what a cyber warfare team from Russia, China or Iran could do.

Clinton has been insisting since the story first broke – as a result of Guccifer releasing email correspondence between Clinton when she was Secretary of State and her longtime advisor Sidney Blumenthal – that no secrets were compromised. At one point she even admitted that Russian cyber warfare was so good they couldn’t bring electronic devices into Russia.

Guccifer’s presence in the U. S. is very unusual. The FBI has brought high-profile hackers to the U. S. to testify in major financial theft cases. In this case he is under indictment on nine counts of computer hacking charges here in the U. S..

According to the indictment Guccifer “specialized in gaining unauthorized access to the online accounts of high profile individuals,” and Sidney Blumenthal seems to be one of them. Among the emails on that account include discussions between Blumenthal and Clinton about the attacks in Benghazi.

Will this bring down Hillary? Guccifer is expected to be in the U. S. for at least 18 months and I would have to guess he’d be happy to make a deal. The biggest question is when.

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