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Why Doesn’t This Grocery Store Want You Safe?


Thankfully I live in Arizona where sane people run grocery stores.  Not so in North Carolina, where gun grabbers got The Fresh Market to ban guns.  This is the first time Mike Bloomberg’s group, Moms Demand Action, has actually pressured a retail grocery or big box chain into a gun ban.

North Carolina-based grocer The Fresh Market says it will refuse to serve law-abiding customers who carry guns for self-defense.

The decision came amid pressure from the Michael Bloomberg-funded group, Moms Demand Action, which claims to have “gathered nearly 4,000 signatures across North Carolina” to pressure The Fresh Market into banning guns.

16-0403 Fresh Market 1

According to the AP, The Fresh Market is asking law-abiding patrons to refrain from carrying guns to “ensure a welcoming environment where our customers and employees feel safe, and treat one another with kindness and respect while shopping and working.”

The Fresh Market is a Whole Foods knock off chain that serves just the kind of people who would lose their minds if they knew my wife and I were in “their” store carrying the guns we never leave home without.

As for “ensuring  a welcoming environment where our customers and employees feel safe, and treat one another with kindness and respect while shopping and working,” I guess they’ve never heard the truth …

16-0403 Fresh Market 2

Not only did they cave in to the Bloomberg group, their former CEO actually collaborated with them.

The Fresh Market not only banned guns but actually had their former CEO work with Moms Demand Action to formulate its new gun policy.

The Fresh Market will now post signs in their windows that say “NO GUNS ALLOWED.”  Making their stores into gun free zones.  It’s not known if they will be putting up neon signs that say “criminals welcome” but I suspect they won’t have to; word will get out.

Moms Demand Action has been pressuring retailers across the nation to ban guns in their stores.  They tried at Kroger Stores, parent company of Frys, where we shop, and they failed.  Tried at Target, failed.  Tried at Starbucks and Staples, failed and failed.

They were successful at Jack in the Box and Sonic, but they’re drive-thru businesses.  They also got bans at Chili’s, where we eat occasionally.  Here in Arizona there’s no sign on the door and ours are concealed anyway.  Same for Chipotle.  All they can do is ask us to leave, which we will, happily.  Never to return.

Here’s hoping The Fresh Market discovers there’s lots of people who either carry concealed in their stores or just don’t shop there anymore.  In their case, we would be the latter.


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