Delegate System Has Given Trump a 22 % Bonus, Actually

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Donald Trump is upset and complaining that the Republican primary is rigged against him. His current complaint revolves around the state of Colorado where Ted Cruz made a clean sweep without a popular ballot ever being cast.

So far, while Trump has been very successful with his populist message, his on-the-ground organizing has been second rate. On the other hand Ted Cruz has built an excellent organization and that’s paying off in places like Colorado.

Trump and his campaign team are doing what losers do. They’re whining. Here’s The Donald.

So, Trump is actually benefiting from the current primary system and has 22% more delegates and he’s got votes.

While the “fairness” of the primary system can certainly be debated the way the system works on the Republican side is a whole lot more “fair” and than what’s going on with the Democrats as Morning Joe noted at the end of that segment. “Why do Democrats even have elections?”

I’m not in a quibble about how delegates are allocated on the Republican side. I am really irritated though at Trump’s response. It looks like he’ll get more than 50% of the vote in New York State and he’ll get all the delegates, a very big number. That will put him on track to win the nomination in Cleveland on the first ballot. He doesn’t need to be whining.

I also find it amusing that one reason Trump has a commanding lead in delegates is because establishment Republicans change the process after 2012 to frontload results so they could shorten the primary season. They did it because they thought it would give the Republican Establishment Leadership more control over the nominating process, and the nominee. Oops.

If the convention is not decided on the first ballot, delegates are then free to vote for any candidate of their choice. That’s where Ted Cruz’ organizing skills will come into play. By all accounts his statewide organizations are doing excellent job of getting delegates selected who, even though they are committed to Trump on the first ballot, most likely many will vote for Cruz on any subsequent ballots.

The other reason why Trump’s whining is irritating is because it gives an immediate excuse to continue to focus on “Republican infighting” when the real story is the control of the Democratic Party’s process by the leadership in smoke-filled back rooms. Unfortunately they don’t have a candidate who will force the issue.

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The real wildcards in this election are going to be turnout, and Republicans are being every turnout record in their primaries while Democrats are staying home, and “Sanders voters.” Sanders owns the youth vote in the Democratic primary even to a larger extent than Obama did in 2008. The big question, if Hillary is the nominee, will Sanders voters show up to vote for Hillary or will they stay home and smoke dope?


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