Curt Schilling Won’t Back Down: ‘What the Hell Was a Urinal Made for?’

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Somebody should be playing Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” when it comes to Curt Schilling and his comments about transgenders and washrooms. This is some great stuff, especially if you love Conservatives like Schilling!

Retired Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling responded Friday to being fired from ESPN for sharing a controversial meme on transgender bathroom laws, telling conservative personality Steven Crowder that “nothing” he said was transphobic.

Here’s his interview with Crowder:

Schilling was fired from ESPN after making a comment about someone else’s post on FB and the “basic functionality of men’s and women’s restrooms.”

“My point was, what the hell was a urinal made for?” he rhetorically asked. “Listen, men’s rooms were made for men to go to the bathroom standing up and women’s rooms were not.…But again, now I became transphobic.”

“Here’s the problem. First of all, nothing I said was transphobic, number one,” Schilling added. “When I ran the video [game] company that went poorly at the end, I had multiple transgender employees who were some of the best people that I worked with. My son, one of my youngest sons was a member of the LGBT club at high school — helps run it.”

Schilling is NOT transphobic, but he is TRUTHful and a CONSERVATIVE! If you don’t like that he is not PC, well I say, that’s just too bad! Cue the Tom Petty for me again will you?…

…And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down.

Gonna’ stand my ground. And I won’t back down

….hey baby! There ain’t no easy way out!

….and (I won’t back down)…….I will stand my ground!




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