Naturally, when DROP was originally introduced, it was touted as being “revenue neutral.” It’s been anything but that. Since its introduction, Philadelphia’s DROP program has cost the city $258 million in extra pension costs over a decade, according to a 2010 Boston College study.

Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter has tried on numerous occasions to eliminate the DROP program.

“In September, Council voted to override Nutter’s veto of a bill, sponsored by Tasco that would preserve the DROP program, while reducing its cost,” writes Jan Ransom of the Daily. Nutter has vowed to work “tirelessly” to abolish the program.

Didn’t this lady retire? Didn’t the city throw her a retirement party?

Here was Mayor Nutter giving a final salute to Tasco:

“Marian has been one of the greatest leaders in city council in the last half-century,” he said. “She’s done a fantastic job and will leave a tremendous legacy and body of work.”