Christ Has Finally Returned: Not Looking so Good Though…

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How do you know when a large swath of America has turned into a cult?

When the supporters begin saying their leader is like Jesus Christ.

No matter what they look like..


Just about every cult (which usually doesn’t end well) begins with seriously indoctrination of beliefs that have proven to be wrong or are just science fiction and then the mind control and manipulation that the leader is the Second Coming – here to save everyone.

Welcome to The Bern: Hat tip: Conservative Firing Line

Occupy Democrats apparently think their are some wonderful comparisons between the Son of God and Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Here’s a graphic that makes the comparison:


Apparently, Sanders supporters think it’s hypocritical for religious conservatives to support Christ and not Bernie.

Red Alert Politics reports that earlier in March, agnostic celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted that Jesus would definitely have voted for the socialist senator, because he supports taxing the rich and is against torturing terrorists and building a wall on the Mexican border.

Tyson wasn’t the first celebrity to make this comparison, rapper Killer Mike told ABC News back in November that Sanders’ campaign “lines up next to the words of Jesus Christ.”

Ironically, Killer Mike doesn’t subscribe to an organized faith and said religion is responsible for more violence than rap music.

And here I thought Obama was Jesus?


Wrong again..

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