China Giving up on Wind Power: Guess Why?

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The Chinese government isn’t building any new wind turbines because most of the new electricity created was wasted, causing serious damage to the country’s electrical grid.

The government stopped approving new wind power projects in the country’s windiest regions earlier this month, according to a China’s National Energy Administration statement. These regions previously installed nearly 71 gigawatts of wind turbines, more than the rest of China combined. A single gigawatt of electricity is enough to power 700,000 homes. Government statistics show that 33.9 billion kilowatt-hours of wind-power, or about 15 percent of all Chinese wind power, was wasted in 2015 alone.


Wasted! What do you know! I’ve been saying that for a long time now. We kill more birds with these ugly monstrosities than anything else, but I doubt that Obama or his administration will be following in China’s footsteps in the near future.

China is not the only country that has built so much wind capacity that their electric grid can’t handle the wild fluctuations in output, and it won’t be the last,” Myron Ebell, Director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The United States should learn from these incredibly expensive mistakes. Instead, Obama’s EPA plows ahead with regulations that will duplicate the worst outcomes—skyrocketing electric prices together with unpredictable interruptions in supply.”

That sounds about right. The Obama administration will just keep up the INSANITY instead of learning from expensive mistakes. I mean, did we listen when all the solar companies went belly up? Why listen now? Let’s wait until all the Obama cronies have returned a nice investment from their money and we’ve bailed them out with more taxpayer money…and then…maybe we’ll consider it.

Besides…what’s a few trillion dollars in debt for a country like ours, especially when it comes to Obama destroying our great nation and our economy?


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