Cat Sailing Around The World with Captain Liz Clark [Pictures]


Captain Liz Clark, and her cat Amelia, are sailing around the world on a 40-foot long boat called Swell.

Clark, who is originally from San Diego, found Amelia when she was only 6 months old and adopted her.

“She has adapted to living surrounded by water,” Clark said of her cat companion. “She’s learned to trust that she will be safe with me.”

Captain Liz Clark, and her cat Amelia, are sailing around the world on a 40-foot long boat called Swell.


Liz found Amelia the cat as a 6 month old kitten in November of 2013 and she has been sailing ever since, minus a brief disappearance at the beginning of last year!

Liz is in the process of writing a book about her travels.

She states on her blog,

As a surfer and environmentalist enchanted by remote waves and foreign cultures, I left California aboard my 40-foot sailboat, Swell, in early 2006 with the hope of succeeding at my life-long dream of surf exploration via sailboat. Since then, the voyage has presented more fantastic friends, waves, adventures, natural beauty, opportunities for personal growth and insights than I dreamed possible.

Swell serves as my floating home and transportation. I travel at a pace not much faster than you can run. Weather, swell, and tides dictate my days. This isn’t just a surf trip–it’s a lifestyle, passion, and search for better ways for humanity to inhabit our shared

I found her experiences, her pictures, and her friend, Amelia the cat, fascinating. Here are some of their adventures via Liz’s Instagram:

Liz explains that Amelia the cat does her own fishing. After trying various ways of providing Amelia a “fishing spot”, she  finally came up with a soft-top surfboard and a light nearby to attract fish. Amelia uses her platform as she pleases and this is her first catch that included two small fish.

She ate one, and kept the other as a trophy/toy for the day.



Amelia takes a last look at what was her home during her “disappearance” in early 2015!

Amelia the cat…with a wreath from foliage.

Amelia the cat seems to wish that fish was not so far from reach!

#AmeliatheTropicat reminding us to REACH for our desires!!!! #fishing

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This cat is surely livin’ it up!

Amelia the cat is living an experience we all wish we could! What a great story!

Amelia the cat is living an experience we all wish we could! What a great story!

Liz Clark’s feline first mate, Amelia the Tropicat, tells the story of her life aboard Swell as a cat. Story and Edit by Teva Perrone // Nature Over Money Productions




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