BREAKING: MEGA-QUAKE Predicted By Scientist With Accurate Track Record

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You’ve probably never heard of Jim Berkland but what he’s got to say will make you quake in your shoes.  He’s a former U. S. Geological Survey scientist and you SHOULD know who he is because he’s the guy who predicted the earthquake that hit San Francisco during the World Series game in 1989. He predicted it almost a week before it happened.

Today, he’s saying that there’s a mega quake on the way. Check it out:

Berkland says that 20 of the last 25 mega quakes have happened during full moons. He’s focusing on the San Andreas Fault that runs up the coast of California. Right through Nancy Pelosi’s hometown.

He says this region is long overdue for a big earthquake and when it hits there will be an enormous damage from the earthquake followed by devastating tsunamis caused by the quake.

At this time he’s not saying when it’s going to hit but he’s betting it’s going to happen during a full moon. So if you’re on the coast of California beware the full moon.

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