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First Black President Gives #BlackLivesMatter the SMACK DOWN!!


Really, he did!

Bill was speaking at a rally for Hillary and the #BlackLivesMatters demonstrators kept interrupting him.  He finally got tired of it and and totally lost it.

The activists were protesting a crime bill that as president, Bill signed. Afterall, it made sentences longer and affected the African American community.

Here’s how Bill responded:

Did you catch that!

“You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. Tell the truth.”

I didn’t think I’d ever live long  enough to hear a Clinton tell the truth about anything.  I’m picking up a lottery ticket tonight on the way home.

The big question for Hillary, and Democrats in general, is what happens at the convention.  You can bet #BlackLivesMatter is going to show up in force and get in the face of anybody who will stand still long enough to draw a crowd.  Bernie has already showed he’ll cave – he turned the microphone over to the nutcases the first time they challenged him.  Hillary seems to have more fight, and Bill laid them out.

If they get shut out of the Democrats exercise in socialism, what will they do on the campaign trail?  Will they stay home?  Will the media continue to be their public relations department?

It’s going to be an interesting summer.  Long and very hot.


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