Boy Kicked Out of Girl’s Bathroom at McDonald’s is Actually a Girl: Not Lovin’ It…

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In today’s age of transgender or transsexual identity, from Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner, nothing seems to shock me anymore. School districts have been sued for barring transfender students from accessing girls’ locker rooms. The U.S. Department of Education has even found school districts in violation of Title IX rights. What’s next?

A teenage girl claims she was kicked out of her local McDonald’s for using the women’s toilets – because staff thought she was a boy.


Short-haired Ny Richardson said she had no proof of her gender when a staff member asked her to show some ID.

The 16-year-old said she was then thrown out before the police were called on her.

Ny, who was visiting the branch in Hull, Yorkshire, said: “I ordered my food and left it with my girlfriend as I went to the toilet.

“When I was in there, someone told me to get out and when I sat back down, the manager came over and told me that I needed to leave because I have been in the girls’ toilet.

“I said to him, ‘Why do I need to leave? I’m a girl, can you not tell by my voice?’

“He then asked me to show some ID, but when I didn’t have any he told me to get out and he rang the police.”

Ny said she was “humiliated in front of the whole restaurant” by the employee, adding: “I think his attitude was disgusting and I’m still angry about it now.”


McDonald’s said Ny was part of a disruptive group who went to the branch and who were asked to leave after causing problems on Tuesday.

McDonald’s said: “We can confirm a group of individuals were asked to leave our St Andrew’s Quay restaurant, following several complaints about inappropriate behavior.

“This group has been asked to leave the restaurant on numerous occasions over the past few days, culminating in the police being called on Tuesday evening. These actions have been taken due to unacceptable behavior only.”

This will not be the last we’ve heard of this, mark my word. Some liberal lawyer or the ACLU will catch wind of this and a lawsuit will be filed against McDonald’s. Afterall, if they can prove that “rights were violated”, “transgender discrimination” took place or the individual(s) were “singled” out…well you’ve got yourself a case.

All that I can say is…could you tell by looking at that picture, for the first time, if that was a girl or boy? Sometimes it’s hard to identify sexes these days especially with haircuts, clothes and outer appearances that project something entirely different, especially in this day and age of transgenders.

McDonald’s may have to change their phrase to – I’m lovin’ it…but others…not so much.



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