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“Barack Obama hates America.” Who Said it?…No, not him.


Clarence Mason Weaver was once a member of the Black Panther party. He was a Berkeley liberal who was so full of hate he broke up with a girlfriend that had a white dog. Clarence Mason Weaver is living proof that people can change.

He served in the U.S. Navy and was stationed in Vietnam. He loved his country. And then on August 11, 1971 a white racist tried to kill him simply because he was black. Weaver was driven to get even and the Black Panthers were there to help. He finally realized that “he loved America” and all he really wanted was a chance to compete fairly in his country.

Today Clarence Mason Weaver is a conservative. And he’s a courageous conservative at that. Listen to what he has to say about #BlackLivesMatter.

Nail, meet hammer. Weaver has the courage to say what most people know but won’t say, that #BlackLivesMatter is a racist organization that hurts Blacks. In fact, unchecked, #BlackLivesMatter will do more damage to Blacks than the KKK could ever do. I certainly stand with him when he says, “it really means black lies matter.”

Weaver also has some strong thoughts about Barack Obama and the job that he’s doing as president. His summary is exactly the reality that we have lived through for the past 7+ years. “[Obama’s] job is to divide by differences and manage our differences. He has done nothing but drive us apart. Barack Obama hates America.” And then he adds, “it doesn’t matter what color the pimp, the drug dealer, the con artist is.”

And Barack Obama as we’ve seen over seven years, is the consummate con artist. How are you going to spend the $2500 that you’re saving on your healthcare this year?

Needless to say Clarence Mason Weaver is not a popular guy in the “black community.” Especially when he says things like, “Liberalism destroys people, like a drug dealer, a pimp who manages you and wants to keep you down. Liberalism is slavery, always has been and always will be.”

The woman interviewing Weaver is none other than Virginia Thomas, the wife Of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I wonder if she would be interested in a seat on the Supreme Court in a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz administration?

Speaking of wondering I’m also wondering whether Clarence Mason Weaver would be interested in a draft as the Republican presidential nominee if the Republican convention in Cleveland goes to a second ballot. He’s got my vote.


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