Air Force LIBERAL Policies to Blame in Shooting? You Betcha!

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Are the U.S. Air Force’s liberal policies under the Obama administration to blame for the recent shooting of Lt. Col. William A. Schroeder? After reading this, I think you will agree.

First, some insight on the victim, Lt. Col. Bill Schroeder.

Lt. Col. William “Bill” Schroeder was a devoted husband and father to two young children. He lived and died by the “the book”.


Schroeder had a long list of assignments over his career as a combat weather team operator that took him to Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Mali and Mauritania. He was promoted to command the 10th Combat Weather Squadron at Hurlburt Field.

Now, some background on the killer, Sgt. Bellino.

The killer, Tech. Sgt. Steven D. Bellino, 41, was apparently an Army Special forces engineer sergeant (18 Charlie).

He served in the Army for 20 years, and had deployed to Iraq. After leaving the Army, he applied to join the FBI, and was with the agency for about 2 years. Bellino left the FBI after going through training when he was denied his acceptance to the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team otherwise known as HRT.

It appears that Bellino had an ego about being the best and didn’t want to settle as a ‘regular’ FBI field agent. However, speculation is that he had psych issues and was the reason he was denied a spot on the FBI’s HRT.

But, thanks to Obama’s liberal and pansy policies, that’s not where the story ends.

At the age of 40, Bellino joined the Air Force, he was only allowed to do so by getting an age waiver since he was over the maximum age to join.  He then began “PJ,” or pararescue training.

In the 6th week of a 10 week program Bellino failed a water endurance test. A requirement of the training is that when you fail to meet the set standard you fail the program completely, and it’s considered quitting. The trainee must the ring a bell and say “I quit”.

Belino didn’t like this, in fact he outright refused to do it. He felt it he was above the standard and didn’t need to follow the rules. In reality, the 20 year Army Green Beret just had his bubble burst for a second time, and probably felt like he deserved some special treatment.

Bellino started verbally chastising the commander. Schroeder responded by telling him, ‘Hold on, you’re accountable for your actions. Let’s think about what we did.’

However, the training to become a PJ is not taken lightly. Those men are the tip of spear in saving lives in the most adverse, hostile conditions. No corners can ever be cut in training.

Eventually Bellino gave, and on video said “I quit”.  But he made a mockery of the system just to get to that point. Now the process to boot him from the Air Force would formally begin.

Oops…maybe not so fast… with Obama’s policies in place.

Belino knew he was done, so he went AWOL for a month, fleeing to Ohio. Some time had passed before he eventually turned himself in, and he was back in Texas at Lackland AFB.

Our source stated that when Bellino was back on base, he was telling young and impersonable Airmen trainees that their leadership was ruining their lives and brainwashing them. Our source stated that he came back from being AWOL with a clear agenda to cause mutiny and chaos for everyone.

Bellino realized he was about to be “Article 15’d.” That is “non-judicial punishment” which allows a commander to discipline troops without a court martial, however, Belino continued to play the Air Force and drag his feet opting for a long drawn out court martial.

None of this should ever even have happened; Bellino should have been booted right then and there. The Security Police should have been called to detain him, and Bellino should have been served his discharge papers on the spot and escorted off base; done deal.

Unfortunately, with the Air Force’s ultra-weak, never offensive policies, Bellino was ultimately given a trial date for being AWOL where he could continue his pompous circus.  After going through that entire process, he then fired his lawyer at the very last moment.  He insisted that his lawyer was horrible and demanded that he be given a new lawyer and court date.

Upon failing training, and declining a second chance, Belino developed an anti-military agenda. According to the Iraq War vet, and our source, the Air Force had been trying to get rid of Bellino for months because they knew he was a “bad apple.” Most people believe it was the new ultra liberal never offensive military policies that hamstrung the Air Force’s attempts to “boot” a person they knew was a problem.

In summary, an Air Force commander is dead today because of some liberal policies we have in place under the Obama administration. I guess it’s not enough that Obama has to “gut” the military, lower the morale, do social experiments, AND have Putin “in our face”.  Because of some pansy, liberal Obama administration policies a young, respected officer is dead. Thanks Obama.

Fortunate for the Schroeder family…the Air Force family respects their fellow colleague with Memorial Pushups.


Schroeder, was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, was posthumously awarded the Airman’s Medal, given to those who distinguish themselves by a heroic act — usually at the voluntary risk of their lives but not involving combat.








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