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Academy Sports, Walmart to Gain as Target Loses 41 Million Customers!


Target’s bathroom policy allowing men in women’s restrooms has caused millions across the country to decide to boycott the retail giant.

Faith Driven Consumer, representing 41 million Americans that spend $2 trillion annually, has joined the movement.

They have announced a national “buycott” effort to encourage shoppers to chose Walmart, Academy Sports, Hobby Lobby, and seven other chains as an alternative.

They have announced a national “buycott” effort to encourage shoppers to chose Walmart, Academy Sports, Hobby Lobby, and seven other chains as an alternative.

FDC’s founder Chris Stone points out that as Target attempts to appease .03% of the population, they ended up excluding a huge majority.

“There’s a critical business lesson to be learned with Target’s recent decision: When including one group, don’t expressly exclude another,” said Stone. “In its statement explaining why it is allowing men in women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, Target pointed out that inclusivity is at its core, and that everyone deserves to be protected equally. However, hundreds of thousands of consumers around the country are expressing frustration because they specifically feel excluded by Target’s actions and, more importantly, unprotected and unsafe in Target stores.”

FDC is encouraging shoppers to choose one of the 10 alternative brands that score high on Faith Driven Consumer’s Faith Equality Index, not just Boycott Target.

The FDC lists the following stores as potential options in the “buycott” of Target:

  1. Hobby Lobby:  57/100
  2. Walmart:  51/100
  3. Aldi:  47/100
  4. Academy Sports:  46/100
  5. Cabela’s:  46/100
  6. Toys”R”Us:  45/100
  7. Bed, Bath, & Beyond:  44/100
  8. Dick’s Sporting Goods:  42/100
  9. Publix:  40/100
  10. Trader Joe’s:  40/100

The FDC is not the only large based opposition. The American Family Association, a conservative Christian advocacy group, has also started a petition urging people to boycott Target.

It so far has close to 1 million signers as well.

It has been pointed out many times before that this is a non-issue.

It was an issue that was hijacked by the left, to further a broad agenda.

True transvestites have been using women’s restrooms unopposed for decades, without incident.

It was not until states like CA, and cities like Houston, created “Bathroom Bills”, forcing the issue, that anyone even noticed.

Laws like the recent one in NC were not necessary before the left began pushing laws allowing men unrestrained access to women’s restrooms across the country.

Now Target has all the freedom to make this new rule, and customers are free to shop elsewhere at places like Academy Sports, Walmart. and Hobby Lobby!

I know I am done with Target. I will be glad to take my business to Walmart, Academy Sports, and other available options.

I do believe I will buy my next pair of boots at Academy Sports!

I expect that Academy Sports and other options will see a significant rise in sales as Target watches theirs decline.

(I would like to also mention that Academy Sports has a great 2nd Amendment policy as well, allowing open carry. Just leave the gun in it’s holster and you will have no issue!)

The abuse is already rampant. The left said there would be none!

University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Multiple Peeping Incidents!

A Toronto man is currently facing four charges for dressing as a woman and peering under a bathroom stall.

A 53-year-old man is in jail  after women forced him out of the bathroom at Memorial Stadium in Nebraska after he stalked co-worker into thus said… yes… WOMEN’S RESTROOM!

I know I am done with Target. I will be glad to take my business to Walmart, Academy Sports, and other available options.


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