8-Year-Old Sister to the Rescue: A True Heroine! [WATCH]

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Small-town America just isn’t what it used to be. I grew up in small towns where everybody left her keys in their cars and nobody locked their doors. This next story occurred in a town of 500 people in Washington state.

A stranger was walking down the street where some kids were playing and he snatched a 22-month-old baby out of the carriage and took off running. Since there were no adults around he probably thought he committed the perfect crime. That assumption was a second mistake.

The babies eight-year-old sister and her brother took off after him screaming their heads off. Here’s the story.

Great job by those kids saving their little brother.

Use your voice – Scream it – Stranger Danger!

Thankfully their voices saved their little brother, but aren’t you also asking, where was the babysitter?


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