6 Most Deadly and Gross Spiders in the World [VIDEO]

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Spring is upon us…and you know what that means?…for some of us, spring cleaning!

It’s time to wipe all those cobwebs you have been ignoring all winter. That’s right. But what if you are an arachnophobia, then what?

Get your significant other to do the job! Males are less scared of spiders.

Besides, how do you know what’s poisonous or not? Did you study Biology 101 or Arachnids to really know what are the most deadly spiders?

Well, whether you are spring cleaning or not…maybe this will help you:

OK! So I forgot to warn you about the grotesque symptoms like necrosis, gangrene, convulsions or even death.

But, thank goodness for us, the brown recluse, yellow sac spider, the redback, funnel web, mouse or Brazilian wandering spider don’t live in the United States.

So happy spring cleaning!

Don’t forget those cobwebs and remember who’s in control. And if I were you, I’d smash that little dude before he bites you!

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