17 Middle Eastern Men Shooting Assault Rifles in San Bernadino County: Just Having Some Fun!

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I’m a 2nd Amendment absolutist.  I’ll defend anyone’s right to own and carry a gun.  Even a scary, black, assault rifle.  No matter who you are.

This story is a little creepy.  Actually, it’s a lot creepy.

Earlier in the week someone called police in San Bernardino County, out in the desert, and reported a “large group of Middle Eastern men who were up all night shouting Allah Akbar and firing guns.”  Given recent events in San Bernardino with Middle Easterners (read “Muslims”) that didn’t end well, police and FBI got to the scene.

Here’s the local news report.


The Sheriff’s helicopter was mustered and it found a large group of men walking together with backpacks and “other items.”  The “other items” turned out to be one rifle, a shotgun, and a number of handguns.

The “men” were detained and searched, all but one of the guns – the rifle – were registered and the “men” were released.

All 17 men were eventually released because the Sheriff’s investigators say they had “no outstanding warrants or criminal histories”.

“There was no evidence found that a crime had been committed by any of the subjects who were detained and they were released,” a Sheriff’s spokesperson said.

The FBI will conduct further interviews with the men to determine if any crimes were committed.

It’s interesting that the rifle wasn’t registered, apparently because it didn’t have a serial number.  It had reportedly been built by one of the men from individual parts.  That is legal, even in California, at least until the Republicans in the U.S. Senate cave on Barack Obama’s SCOTUS nominee.

None of the other campers still in the park heard anything so there was no evidence to hold the Middle Eastern men.

I wonder what would have happened if that had been a group of North American, NRA Lifetime Members, white dudes with guns?  At the very least I’m betting the news media would be all over the fact that the rifle was built by a racist redneck from parts that are readily available on the internet.  I also suspect at least a couple of California’s Socialist lawmakers would be writing up new legislation to ban buying gun parts.

What do you think?  And, do you think the FBI will find anything in their investigation?


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