10,000 Syrian Refugees to be Rushed Through in 3 Months? FBI is Livid

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President Obama seems to be in a big hurry to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees Muslim invaders to the U. S.. We don’t know why, but perhaps he believes that unlike Sweden not enough women in the U. S. are being raped.

The administration is working overtime to ensure voters that they have nothing to worry about from these Muslim terrorists.

Here’s what the director of the FBI had to say Before a House Committee on that subject:

In other words the FBI can’t do background checks.

A spokesman from the U. S. State Department (where Hillary Clinton used to work) said “these refugees are subject to the highest level security checks of any category of traveler into the United States.

We think we can do this safely and in a way that reflects American values.” Please remember the name Mark Toner. He’s the idiot from the State Department who said that.

The State Department seems to be at odds with the folks who are charged with doing background checks. The FBI.

“Syrian refugees” will be allowed into the U. S. with the same level of vetting that your local division of motor vehicles does for a new driver’s license.”

The Obama administration is getting lots of help from Establishment Republicans like U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham. The former presidential candidate told The Daily Caller, “all I can tell you is one thing I won’t do is turn my back on these people [Muslim terrorists.] There’s risk to anything you do at the end of the day I’m not worried about radical Islam coming here. They’re already here.”

Let me get this straight Sen. Graham, you’re confident that “radical Muslims” have already found their way into the U. S. and you’re not concerned about adding to their numbers? What does somebody have to do to get your attention center? Blow up a shopping center in South Carolina?

Here’s a message to the Republican Establishment: it’s stupidity like this and the support for Obama’s terrorist resettlement plan by people like Paul Ryan and the Republican leadership that have the American people up in arms and willing to elect Donald Trump.

We have to watch Barack Obama continue to work to destroy America and American values for the next 10 months. The Republican leadership in Congress will do nothing to hinder his progress. Remember that in November. And especially remember that the next time a group of “moderate Muslims” surprises all their friends and commits mass murder here in the U. S.

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