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If Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court is put on the court by the Republican Senate you can kiss the 2nd Amendment goodbye.

Merrick Garland was praised as a “moderate” by [drum roll]Orrin Hatch.

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, as one of the senior Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been a key spokesman for the obstructionist cause. By picking Garland, however, Obama put Hatch in a bit of a difficult position, given the effusive praise Hatch has heaped on Garland in the past, even once saying there would be “no question” that “consensus nominee” Garland would be confirmed by the Senate.

Hatch has also indicated he’d be willing to hold hearings on Garland.

At this point I want to take a moment to thank the Utah Republican Establishment for making sure this worthless SOB got reelected over a solid conservative in his last primary.  Unfortunately, you can see me typing with one hand and giving you the finger with the other.

Here’s the bottom line.

16-0319 Garland1

And you can bet that’s just for starters.

Call your Senator and tell them “NO HEARINGS!”  Call Orrin Hatch and tell him whatever you’d like.  In a polite way, of course.


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