Who Won’t Vote For Trump NOW, Miley?

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Miley Cyrus, of all people – just put Trump over the top. Full disclosure, I’m a Cruz guy – the smartest, most loyal, effective and honest guy in the race…

But now Miley has all but secured not just the nomination, but the Presidency for The Donald.

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Hat tip The Hollywood Reporter:

Miley Cyrus: “Donald Trump is a F—ing Nightmare”

This is how Miley captioned a photo of Trump that she posted on Instagram Tuesday. She also shared that she’s going to move if he’s elected. “gonna vom / move out da country..”

… Speaking of nightmares.

While Cyrus hasn’t officially lent her support to any candidate, she did recently post a photo of Bernie Sanders marching alongside Martin Luther King, Jr.

Some people have chimed in on my own social media – pretty good on both sides:

The list of, Otherwise Useless Americans who are vowing to leave the country if the Donald is crowned king, just keeps on growing…

We can hope the credibility of their vows surpass the lack thereof of their supposed talents…

But, we all know that none of these rich chicken shits are actually going to do a damn thing but whine a while then go back to being oblivious to anyone but themselves…It sure is fun though to watch them squirm… — Gary Davis

All these celebrities need to quit saying that the are going to move if he wins. Instead use your influence to contribute to groups/charities. Do you know how many people that just rely on the media for their knowledge?

Encourage everyone to vote. That is the only way to change or stop things. Vote!

Educate yourself on politics. Read. Listen. Investigate. Learn the mumbo jumbo when politicians say catch phrases but actually dodge real answers to questions. Anyone can say they want to fix our economy. But how? Budget cuts where? This is our generation. We have the biggest potential to change things… — Shantelly Lace

Liberal activists keep trying to give me a reason to vote for Donald Trump.

This is getting tempting. If all the stupid, trashy people leave because of Trump, America WILL get great again, perhaps even quicker than I currently believe will be possible.

Of course, Alec Baldwin promised to leave the US if Bush was elected, and he never did. There are no guarantees… — John L Leonard


There’s always a few dopes who let folks like Miley do their thinking for them – but they’ll grow up some day.. I hope:

THANK YOU MILEY! I never thought I would say this, but I love Miley for standing up for the animals and speaking out about the evils of Donald Trump.

She reaches so many people and it’s amazing that a celebrity this big is taking a stand for things that matter like the animals lives and our rights. She said she would move if Trump because president and you bet your ass we will too if he does and I mean you will legit not see me again. Canada here I come… — Ash-Ruby Blanchard

Bye Ash-Ruby…


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