Were Voters TURNED AWAY From GOP Polls? Wow!


We know that Democrats keep screaming that there is no such thing as election fraud.  That, despite the fact that they are willing to postpone any close election until they find every ballot box in the trunk of somebody’s car and they win.

The Republican establishment, of course, never fights back. Just look at Florida’s primary.

This is a critical year and you can expect that they’ll be all out to keep every Republican from voting while finding ways to get illegal aliens to the ballot box.

Printing extra ballots on election day?  Why not have one ballot for every registered voter?

Well for starters, that would be a problem for Democrats who like to get more Democratic votes than there are registered voters or more registered voters than residents.

November will be fun.

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Michael Becker is a long time activist and a businessman. He's been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976 and has been counseling addicts and ministering to prison inmates since 1980. Becker is a Curmudgeon. He has decades of experience as an operations executive in turnaround situations and in mortgage banking. He blogs regularly at The Right Curmudgeon, The Minority Report, Wizbang, Unified Patriots and Joe for America. He lives in Phoenix and is almost always armed.


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