Video From Inside Lavoy Finicum Vehicle During FBI Shooting: Media Ignoring This

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Investigators have released synced video of the LaVoy Finicum “traffic stop” and subsequent shooting on March 8, 2016. WARNING: This video contains graphic footage.

By the way, at least one FBI agent is suspected of lying about the killing of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and may involve four other FBI agents engaged in a cover up.

This is pretty frightening any way you slice it.

(Courtesy Central Oregon Major Incident Team)

I must say I don’t understand why they would have the young girl in the vehicle and Lavoy is egging them on to shoot him, time and time again – but was this necessary?

All the as of yet unnamed agents – members of an elite national unit, are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.

Finicum, an Arizona rancher, was one of the leaders of the Jan. 2 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns.


From OPB News:

Shooting Clarity: Despite claims from occupiers and their supporters that law enforcement fired more than 100 times into the truck carrying Finicum and other militants, investigators say only eight shots were fired. Video evidence provided Tuesday outlined in detail the actions taken during the traffic stop and shooting. Finicum was hit with three bullets in the back, all fired by Oregon State Police troopers.

1,000 Words: Both video and photographic evidence were released to the public by law enforcement on Tuesday in regard to the shooting. During a press conference law enforcement showed a cellphone video shot by Shawna Cox, one of five people inside Finicum’s truck during the traffic stop. Finicum can be heard on the video repeatedly ignoring commands from law enforcement to surrender. He’s also heard insisting that officers shoot him.

Phantom Shots: Investigators say that along with six shots fired by state police, FBI agents fired twice at Finicum’s vehicle — and that those shots were initially not disclosed to the joint task force examining Finicum’s death. U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said an investigation into those shots and possible misconduct is ongoing by the Department of Justice’s inspector general.

Reaction To Findings: Finicum’s wife, Jeanette, released a statement Tuesday following the investigation’s press conference. In part it read: “I can hardly believe that a team of qualified law officers could look at the facts in this case and say that no criminal laws were violated,” she said.

“Many people including my lawyers, have tried to prepare me for this — ‘be strong,’ ‘accept this with peace’ — but I don’t think anything could prepare me to accept what is so clearly a finding that challenges the Constitution that my husband died defending.”

Ruby Ridge anyone?

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