VIDEO: Dissidents Disrupt ESPN Cuba Broadcast; Immediately Arrested!

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As Castro denied the presence of political prisoners in Cuba, an ESPN broadcast from Havana on Tuesday shows making a public protest will get one arrested!

ESPN’s Bob Ley was reporting on SportsCenter live from Cuba as a political protest began to unfurl.

What happened next, obviously proved Castro to be a boldfaced liar.

Cuba (Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TODAY)

As reported at TheAmericanMirror:

Dissidents disrupted a live broadcast by ESPN on Tuesday and in true Cuba fashion, they were summarily manhandled and taken away.

The protester, as well as several others, could be seen being dragged away by “plain clothes policemen,” according to Ley.

One man was aggressively thrown into the back of a police car, with his hands waving wildly.

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See the shocking video as it all plays out:

(Tweet Translation: This happened in #LaHabana minutes after Obama left. Opponent interrupts live shot and imprisoned # Cuba)

Cuba does not seem to hide it’s disdain for political dissent.

Just days before Obama arrived in Cuba, dozens of women were rounded up who were marching to demand improved human rights.

Tough ladies they are! They do this on a regular basis as reported by USA Today!

Members of the group, known as the Ladies in White, are used to the routine. They march each Sunday after Mass at a church in a suburb of Havana called Miramar and usually get arrested and detained for hours or days.

Some in the group thought Cuban authorities would back off this Sunday out of respect for Obama’s visit. Berta Soler, one of the founding members who has been marching since 2003, said while walking to the church Sunday morning that maybe they would be allowed to protest without getting arrested.

Of course, despite Cuba denying FOR DECADES, that they have been persecuting political dissent FOR DECADES!

..all the while…Obama makes excuses for Cuba, apologizes for the Unite States, and sings the Communist country’s national anthem.


VIDEO: Cuba authorities arrest members of the Ladies in White. A women’s group that protests against the Cuban government



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