VIDEO: Brussels Invited Muslims. Watch What Happens

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A Belgian tourist promotion group put a video together in January because of Muslim terrorism linked to Brussels.

No worries, come and have fun!!

So they did.

Hey America!  Thanks to Barack Obama and Paul Ryan this scene is coming our way too.


Explosions and gunfire Friday exacerbated the uneasy mood of Belgium’s capital, a city that has become the focal point in Europe’s fight against terrorism following the bloody attacks here just three days ago.

One man said that his son, who has a shop inside a now closed-off area, saw an armed individual who emerged from a metro shop get shot in the leg by police.

The operation ended with the arrest of one person linked to Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital, Schaerbeek Mayor Bernard Clerfayt told public broadcaster RTBF.

The mayor said that arrested person was wounded. It was not clear if that individual was the same one the shopkeeper saw shot in the leg.

It’s hard to escape the tension in Brussels where soldiers line the streets near the central subway station, their hands gripping guns.

“We all know that we are not safe anywhere,” one woman said. “It can happen anywhere and at any moment.”
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