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[VIDEO] Best Campaign Video of the 2016 Season! “Never Give Up!” Jumping Hurdles!


We are born, face hurdles, and then we die. How we deal with those hurdles decides as to what kind of person we are.

Some hurdles are natural. Some we place in front of ourselves. Some others place in front of us.

It is jumping those hurdles that give us strength.

Some jump their hurdles, some cry in front of them.

The Republican mantra is to jump your hurdles to get stronger and more self sufficient.

The Liberal Democrat mantra is to let government remove the hurdles.

A society where government solves all the problems produces a weak society.

A society where personal responsibility and climbing life’s mountains becomes the attitude becomes strong.

The left claims the conservative wants to remove the safety net.

The conservative wants the safety net to really help those who really need it.

The left wants to turn the safety net into a fishing net.

The net is going to rip.

The left thinks you can use the safety net to hold all of life’s hurdles.

A broken net means those who have real need get no help.

We are supposed to have the attitude of “Never Give Up!”… Not, “Give up and let the government take care of me.”

In order for Socialism to work, people have to give up! The left relies on people crying in front of their hurdles, so that they can remove them.

If we would hold on to our hurdles like a serviceman holds on to boot camp… #JustSayin

We are Americans, and we will never give up!

JD Winteregg, who ran against John Boehner until he retired, is in a race against multiple candidates. JD has an incredible grassroots team on the ground as well as a previous campaign under his belt.


JD is a hurdle jumper! If he gets knocked down…he just gets back up! We could use a few of those in DC…ya know?

JD Winteregg is the only chance to keep from sending another "Bohner" back to DC. Simple.

JD Winteregg is the only chance to keep from sending another “Bohner” back to DC. Simple.

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JD Winteregg will never give up! (I LOVE this video! THIS is the attitude we need in our government officials!)

Huge Shoutout to Brad Marsten and John LaRosa and #FourTierStrategies for the creation of this awesome ad!

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Scott Osborn is a Writer, Preacher, Political activist, as well as the Social Media Director for the TV Comedy Show, The Flipside with Michael Loftus. Scott hosts several radio shows, including the wildly popular “Conover U” starring Rodney Lee & the Preacher..


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