Trump Vs. Hillary: Scorched Earth

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Scorched earth on a good day.  If it comes down to Trump v. Hillary this election will set the standard for scorched earth.  Attila move over, here comes the gruesome twosome.

Democratic super PACs are already lining up Trump’s victims [they will just set up a camera, sit down with Trump victims and let these ordinary Americans tell the tale of how Donald Trump is a charlatan who enriched himself at the expense of ordinary people], you can be totally sure. That’s why any poll numbers suggesting Trump can beat Hillary should be doubted — they don’t take into account the brutal campaign Hillary will wage on Trump.

With things like Trump University and four corporate bankruptcies to his credit he’s an easy target.


And Hillary’s super PACs will have all the money they need to wage all-out war.  They’ll buy every minute of airtime they can get their hands on to run ads of people crying about how that mean, nasty Donald Trump took their grocery money in a scam to make the billionaire more money.  [Cut to a picture of his Florida home.]


None of this is particularly new, but it’s always been reported as “news” and now the ante will seriously upped to a combination of “entertainment” and “fraud” on the part of Clinton’s PACs.

Needless to say, Hillary is a pretty easy target herself.  Picture the Benghazi families talking about being lied to by Hillary.  Picture FBI agents with their faces blacked out talking about her email.

It’s going to be a couple of billion dollars worth of ugly.  That’s why I have Roku.  I’ll miss ’em all.



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