Where is This Trump Violence Really Coming From?

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Everybody is talking about Donald Trump and violence.  It is, of course, Trump’s fault.  The latest rant blames everything on Trump’s campaign manager.

Corey Lewandowski is in the sights of various people.  He was recently accused of grabbing a Breitbart reporter and shoving her to the ground.  Here’s the video.

She later showed off a bruise on her arm.

Lewandowski is now being looked at for every time he’s ever lost his temper or gotten into a disagreement with anyone.  He’s apparently a “bad guy.”

In 2001, Lewandowski served as campaign manager for Republican U.S. Senator Robert C. Smith of New Hampshire. Challenger John E. Sununu was the honored guest at a fundraising event held by George Salem, a Republican who was formerly the attorney for the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Which was eventually charged and convicted for funding Hamas

Salem was a Washington lawyer who chaired Arab Americans for Bush-Cheney 2000. Salem, a friend and major contributor to the president, also is raising money for Sununu. There was no evidence he was involved in or even knew about the Holy Land’s terrorists ties. But that really didn’t matter to Lewandowski.

He got the lawyer tossed.  He’s a thug.

Lewandowski  worked at the RNC and eventually for former congressman Bob Ney (R-OH). According to sources, when Lewandowski was Ney’schief of staff he would scream at the ethics committee staffers who were investigation Ney for corruption.

Ney was eventually charged with corruption but Lewandowski screamed at people.  Reportedly.  Thug.

Lewandowski worked for Citizen’s United and Americans For Prosperity neither one exactly “outside organizations.”  According to the NY Times  After seven years with Americans for Prosperity, Mr. Lewandowski moved on, leaving behind some fans who found him to be efficient and effective, but also some detractors, who found his abrasiveness off-putting.

Got that?  Off-putting.  According to the New York Times.  Off-putting.  Wow.

I’m glad I’m not on Donald Trump’s staff.  I’m “off-putting” on a good day.

It looks like those who don’t like Donald Trump will go to any lengths to attack him and everyone around him.  He must be doing something right.


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