Trump Has Something on McCain: “Be very careful”…

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Somehow I doubt Donald Trump and John McCain are friends.

Personally, as a resident of Arizona, I have no use for anyone who calls McCain a friend.

Or anything, for that matter, that could be printed in a family blog.

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Since Mitt Romney has come out so strongly against Trump there are rumors that McCain is going to get nasty too.  Trump addressed that in a typical Trumpian way this week.

Just after his performance at the Fox News debate on Thursday night, Republican front-runner Donald Trump spoke to CBS News about the growing opposition from former 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Arizona Sen. John McCain.

However, according to CBS News, the real estate mogul was unaware and seemed surprised by McCain’s lack of support.

“Oh, he did? Well, that’s not nice,” he told CBS News’ chief White House correspondent Major Garrett. “He has to be very careful.”

When asked why the Arizona senator needs to be careful, Trump replied, “He’ll find out.”

I have no idea what Trump could be talking about, but I do hope he’s got something really juicy on McCain.  We’d like to use it in the primary.

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