Did Trump Fund RACIST Anti-NY-Casino Ads? … yep.

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Donald Trump is racist!!  Nah, nah, nah!  Racist!

That’s right, the Establishment is THAT desperate to stop The Donald.

Just to be clear, I am not a big fan of Trump, I support Ted Cruz.


I will also work for and happily pull the lever for Trump in November if he’s the Republican nominee and anybody who won’t do that is siding with Satan in this year’s general election.

In 2000, an indian tribe in the Catskills was going to build a casino.  That casino would be directly competing with Mr. Trump’s casinos.  So he pulled out all the stops.

Trump bought ads fighting the indian casino.  His problem?  He didn’t disclose it to the New York State Lobbying Commission.

Donald J. Trump and his associates have agreed to pay $250,000 in fines and to issue a public apology because they failed to disclose to the state lobbying commission that he had secretly financed newspaper advertisements opposing casino gambling in the Catskills.

The settlement is expected to be ratified at the Nov. 13 meeting of the New York Temporary State Commission on Lobbying, unless investigators unearth new information about Mr. Trump’s lobbying activities in New York. It would be the largest civil penalty ever imposed by the commission.

Although there would be no admission of wrongdoing on Mr. Trump’s part, he has agreed to spend $50,000 on advertising acknowledging that he had paid for seven ads that appeared last spring under the name of the Institute for Law and Society, an anti-gambling group in Rome, N.Y.

New York State.  That’s the State where the Speaker of the House is currently in jail and the President of the State Senate and his son were arrested on charges of corruption.  So, a $250,000 fine and an apology was the best the State could do against Donald Trump?  Heh.

Now people are accusing Trump of “racism” because he ran the ads against an indian tribe.

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Did he break election laws?  Maybe, the commission never pressed charges and Mr. Trump – unlike House Speaker Sheldon Silver or Senate President Dean Skelos – was never arrested.  He paid a fine to make the problem go away, attorney’s fees certainly would have been more than the fine.

Back to the Republican Establishment, they’re so desperate to stop Trump that they’re accusing him of “racism” for trying to protect his casino business in the region.  And, they’re happy to say it’s just more proof he’s a “racist” because he wants to stop Muslim immigration and deport illegal aliens.

This is a shameful display of stupidity on the part of the Stupid Party and their minions.  Shameful.


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