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Trump Disagrees with THIS Poll


Donald Trump loves to quote polling.  He’s not talking much about this one though.

CNN/ORC released new polls today showing what hypothetical head-to-heads in the presidential election would look like. At this point it’s most likely the nominees will be Hillary and Trump, and the polls show that’s a a losing proposition.

It’s about seven months until election day and CNN and the GOPe Establishment are celebrating a poll showing Hillary up eight over Trump.  They’re also celebrating the fact that Marco “Amnesty Forever” Rubio is shown beating her.

Hillary 52, Trump 44 (Hillary +8; was Hillary +1 in the prior poll)
Rubio 50, Hillary 47 (Rubio +3; was Rubio +3 in the prior poll)
Cruz 49, Hillary 48 (Cruz +1; was Cruz +3 in the prior poll)

For the last year Donald Trump and the Republican field have been front and center on the media firing line.  Hillary has, for the most part, been unmentioned.  The Republican debates have set records for viewers on every network, the Democratic debates haven’t been watched because they’ve been held on weekends and in some cases, opposite football games.

Email?  What email?  Hillary uses email?  Wow.

16-0123 Hillary1

Bottom line, nobody, certainly not anybody on CNN, has challenged Hillary.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been called a vile racist by every talking head on every network for the last six months.

Their descriptions of Cruz aren’t far behind.

Rubio has been presented as the great hope of the Republican party.  After all, both John McCain and Mitt Romney love the guy.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the poll.  In two weeks you’ll see that Florida voters aren’t going to be paying much attention to it when Trump crushes Rubio in his home state.  Even Jeb! Bush, the former governor of Florida won’t be endorsing Marco.  Of course that has more to do with the fact that Jeb! is a feckless twit than anything to do with Marco.

I still prefer Cruz, but if anybody thinks Hillary’s numbers are going to hold up when things get really hot, they’re crazy.

Morning1 - 400

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