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Thugs Fire Their Weapons to Celebrate “Victory” Over Free Speech


#BlackLivesMatter is a bunch of punk thugs.  And they’re the poster thugs for why black lives don’t matter.

They don’t like Donald Trump.  Probably because they know they won’t get the same warm reception in the White House when he’s President as they do now.

Thugs shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago last week and #BLM celebrated.

Pretty much what you’d expect, except this time the thugs weren’t shooting each other.

On MSNBC, Trump said that after meeting with the law enforcement authorities, “I felt it was just safer. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.”

Asked about the images of people clashing at the rally, Mr. Trump said, “Honestly, we have a very divided country.”

A line stretched for blocks while ticketholders — a diverse mix of older whites wearing Trump gear and younger African-American and Muslim students — waited to be allowed inside. Some said they were devoted Trump fans eager to hear him speak in person – some clearly were not.

A large group opposing Trump viscerally taunted people entering the stadium, some holding signs caricaturing him as a fascist with a Hitler mustache.

In one only-in-Chicago insult, a protester carried a sign reading, “Trump puts ketchup on his hot dog.”

Boy there’s some MENSA candidates, eh? Do they have any clue they’re actually helping Trump? No.

Turn on the TV you #BlackLivesDon’tPayAttention fools: The name TRUMP is on every channel 24/7 now, thanks mostly to you…

But you’ve always been pretty savvy with your voting habits, haven’t you?


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