Thugs Brutally Attack Woman and Write Something Chilling on Her Forehead

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Cheyanne Willis got a lesson in picking her friends, and especially her “boyfriends.”

As you can see from the picture below Cheyanne is attracted to thugs.

16-0309 Thugs2

Cheyanne Willis, 19, says she was pulling into the parking lot of a suburban Cincinnati mall with her then boyfriend, Quincy Gardner, when he parked and pulled her out of the car.

A group of six women, including two she knows, was waiting for her and allegedly took turns kicking and beating Willis, slamming her face on a car hood and shaving her head, WCPO reported.  

Here’s the report.

To top it off, the woman who led the beating made a video and rationalized it.

What do you think?  Who should have been charged?

The bigger question, did Cheyanne deserve what she got just for the “friends” she chose?  That would be my vote.

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