Thug slashes woman’s neck in Brooklyn “Because she was white”

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Where is the Justice Department?  The woman must be a racist to have caused this poor black man to defend himself with a knife.

Gregory Alfred defended himself bravely against a racist, white, woman, immigrant from Poland.

Hat tip: Daily Mail

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There’s no report as to whether she’s a legal immigrant.  Gregory is a U.S. citizen.

Gregory Alfred, 25, who was arrested two days ago after attacking Janina Popko, 53, in Brooklyn earlier this month, has now told police his crime was racially motivated.

Self defense.  Where is Loretta Lynch?  Where is the civil rights division?

[Alfred] says he attacked her because she is white and because ‘the system’ stopped him from smoking weed openly.

OK, so it was “white privilege.”  She’s still probably a racist who deserved it.  And an immigrant.

“He’s just a sick person,” Popko told The Post on Tuesday. “I’m very lucky to be okay. I am still shaky.”

“I never was racial. I grew up in Poland , they never teach us to be racial,” she added. “I didn’t grow up with this racial thing.”

Well crap.

But there’s more:

Alfred is accused of running up behind Popko and slashing her across the neck before fleeing, leaving her bleeding on the pavement near his weapon:


Popko needed 13 stitches following the slashing, one of a string of similar attacks across New York City, with doctors saying if the wound had been half an inch longer, it would have severed an artery.

Alfred, from New Jersey, was turned over to police by his mother after she saw news coverage of the attack.

Police say Alfred left the knife used in the crime at the scene, and fingerprints found on the handle matched Alfred.

A police spokesman said: ‘[Alfred] had bought paring knives and kitchen knives and said he was going to stab people. Clearly he is a disturbed man and should never have been out in the street.’

Popko added: ‘I’m very lucky to be okay. I am still shaky. I never was racial. I grew up in Poland, they never teach us to be racial. I didn’t grow up with this racial thing.’

ironically, he also left this at the scene:


Turns out she’s a legal immigrant and he’s a thug.  Pretty much what you’d expect.



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