Thug Migrant Picks Wrong White Woman to Tangle With

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We all know Muslims are invading Europe, especially northern Europe.

They seem to have a thing for attacking women. This “migrant” picked the wrong fight.

I’m surprised that this young lady is being hailed a hero and not arrested for assault, given the political leaning in Europe these days.

An ungrateful refugee thought that since the only worker on duty at the entrance of a grocery was a tiny young woman, he could just leave without paying for his groceries. However, he completely underestimated that sometimes big surprises come in small packages.


According to Fitness Asenteella, a young woman named Anna has proven herself a force with which to be reckoned after security footage of her defending her position at a K-Market grocery store in Helsinki, Finland was leaked.

The video shows a migrant walking past her register, directing a comment towards her and nodding as he attempts to casually stroll through the exit with goods in hand. But Anna isn’t about to let him go without a fight.

The young woman chases down the so-called refugee, apprehending him and snatching the items from his hands before he gives up and flees.

“They do this so brazenly,” she said. “Most often they steal alcohol, which is not a necessity, and not, for example, something essential such as food. It’s frustrating.”

Anna’s employer, Saku Kytölä, was incredibly proud of her, but added that he doesn’t want his workers to feel like they need to fight off thieves. He emphasized that he would rather keep his employees safe than catch a perpetrator.

“But I have two big brothers and father who have something to teach,” Anna said, crediting the men in her life with her courage.

Like many others drowning in the flood of migrants and refugees, Anna understands that if you don’t fight back, they will assume they can freely abuse and persecute without consequence.

The Muslim invasion is being welcomed here by our political elites, Barack Obama and Paul Ryan, and the Establishments of both parties.  You can expect this scene to be replayed in your neighborhood, though probably not with the same result.

The other thing you can expect to see replayed is this.

  1. 72 percent of refugees are “fighting age males.” Only 15 percent are women of any age, and the remaining 13 percent are children.
  2. 80 percent of refugees are not from Syria, disproving the argument that the majority are fleeing war zones or persecution.
  3. 91 percent of Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps, 73 percent receive free medical care, and 68 percent receive cash welfare, assistance not even afforded to over 50,000 homeless veterans.

Thanks Barack.  Thanks Paul.  We’ll remember this.



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