10’s of Thousands of Illegals Storming the Border Ahead of the “Trump Wall”!

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The Illegal Alien lobby is not enthusiastic over Donald Trump’s insistence that he will build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

Can’t say I’m proud of everything that’s going on with Donald Trump – some of it is outright embarassing – BUT: I’m a huge fan of the “Trump Wall.” Period.

There are many others who don’t share my enthusiasm.  Most of them have a hard time with English. The others are known as “Republicans and Democrats.”


I think we have a new Twitter hashtag: #TrumpWall

As it turns out, The #TrumpWall is spurring an increase in illegal immigration that the Obama administration is content to watch and do nothing about.  Surprise, surprise.

The establishment GOP has no interest in stopping illegals either because they suppress all American wages and GOP RINO’s are all interested in pleasing their overlords who want low wages and illegal labor.

Reuters is reporting …

Interviews with migrants, people smugglers and officials show many migrants are trying to cross now instead of facing tighter policing and new policies to halt illegal immigration if Trump or another Republican wins the Nov. 8 election.

“If Trump wins, we’re all screwed and all Latinos are screwed,” Isaias Franco, a 46-year-old from El Salvador who was deported from the United States late last year and is now trying to get back, said at a migrant shelter in Ciudad Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Let me think about that.  Allow illegal immigration and screw American workers and taxpayers or shut it down and deport illegals and screw them.  Isaias, screw you.

As for the #TrumpWall, Vincente Fox, the former crook President of Mexico had this to say to Trump and to Americans who support him.  Language warning.


Vincente, let me tell you, I’m tired of paying for you exporting your criminal, welfare class to my country.

And you’ve gotta love Donald’s response.


Please note the pained expression on the face of Mr. Amnesty, Marco Rubio.

#BuildTheWall, #TrumpWall.

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