Submarine Intercepted by Texas Officials Contains Tons of the Real Thing


U.S. Customs in Texas discovered a submarine earlier this month where a submarine should not have been.  It was moving over $200 million of cocaine to market.  “Was” is the operative word.

The submarine doesn’t actually travel completely underwater. It’s “semi-submersible” which means a very low-waterline profile on the surface of the ocean. It’s made of fiberglass and almost impossible to detect with sonar or radar. These narco subs are the transportation choice for drug traffickers.

In the video below you’ll see a team of U. S. Customs agents taking down the sub as the traffickers attempt to swim away. No one could ever accuse drug traffickers of being all that smart.

U. S. Customs got the traffickers, but then they tried to confiscate the cocaine vessel and it sink to the ocean floor.

That’s 5 1/2 tons of cocaine that will make some fish happy but will never get the U. S. market. And it’s also over $200 million that will not find its way into the pocket of the Mexican drug cartels.

They’ll probably go back to putting it in backpacks and smuggling it over the southern border. It’s not like the Department of Homeland Security has any interest in stopping it there.



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