School Promotes Cop Hate With Art Display

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Oldham County, Kentucky has a problem with racist cop haters in their schools.  And yes, this is another volume of “Putting Kids in Public School is Child Abuse.

Kentuckiana police officer Dave Hamblin thinks his daughter’s honors English teacher at North Oldham High School is creating a generation of cop haters.

He came to that realization when the teacher refused to take down student artwork displayed as part of a supposed lesson on the famous Harper Lee book “To Kill a Mockingbird” and social justice. The image depicts two scenes, one with the year 1930 showing a KKK member pointing a gun at a black man above the Confederate flag, the other with the year 2015 and a police officer pointing his gun at a small black child in a hooded sweatshirt above the American flag.

“It’s comparing a race-based ideology of the KKK to that of professional workers who serve their country day in and day out,” Hamblin told WDRB.

Hamblin said he was alerted to the artwork after his daughter texted him a picture.

“When I saw it, I could see immediately why she didn’t feel comfortable with it,” Hamblin said. “I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

“I wanted to see it come down.”

Sorry officer, not gonna happen.

It’s up to the “teacher.”

I wonder how long a picture of Travon Martin as a punk with gun would last in their “art display?”

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Or Michael Brown assaulting a store clerk while stealing cigars?

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That would be “racist.”  Because society now respects thugs.  Well, some parts of society do.

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