A Sacred Time For Christians

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I read the Bible on the streets quite a bit, sticking mostly with the Gospels and the teachings of Christ.  I must admit when I came to the part where they were crucifying Jesus, I mostly just quit reading. It is painful I guess, to realize that humans were willing  to kill someone so obviously beautiful as Jesus just to hold onto their power and rank.

You can call me a blasphemer if you want but I am not so sure God would have asked Christ to do go through that torture, the Bible makes it clear Christ had his doubts.  Jesus was so compassionate that I believe he sensed what would have happened to his followers had he stayed and continued to preach the Gospel of Love.


As I reflect on what I just wrote, what a beautiful thing to do regardless of whether it was God’s will or not. To sacrifice yourself so others may live, for the greater good of the community so to speak.

I have always been a fighter and an outsider in many ways, although, thanks to Christ and his teachings, that is changing.  At times I thought, grab your sword Jesus and take your Apostles to the hills. But that is my ego talking, I imagine, and not my soul.

There is a moment in those dark passages that does give me some comfort.  In the book of John when the Roman soldiers are asking for Jesus, he turns in all his glory and says, “I Am He.” The soldiers are so overwhelmed they  fall to the ground.  I think God was saying I don’t have to go through this, but I am giving my consent so you can learn a tough lesson. We humans seem fond of tough lessons for some reason.


Christ rises again of course and shows us that death is nothing more than shadow and illusion, that we are given eternal life from God, if we but accept it.

I want to explain what God is asking us to sacrifice, nothing more than our will and our fear. Without our will and our fear we dwell in Christ’s peace and joy. I have a tough time distinguishing my will for myself, from God’s will for me. But I go on the idea that he wants me happy and I do the things that bring me joy. I also let go of the things that cause me misery as best I can.

From what I understand the life of a fully surrendered soul is beautiful beyond what our small minds can imagine. Christ, through the example of his life and the blessings of his teachings, show us the path out of death and fear, into a life of peace and joy.

Christ himself said belief in him is not enough, that we must follow his teachings. They are pretty simple when you contemplate them: Love unconditionally, never judge and always forgive. Peace to you folks in this very sacred time for Christians.

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